The Idea of Beauty

It is said “beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder”. My question here is what is the BEAUTY that the eyes look for? Is it the beauty of the outer appearance, the beauty of the talent or the sheer beauty of the heart? The age-old notion have been that when a girl looks for a prospective partner, it is his talent that counts and for a guy it is the appearance of the girl that matters. With the change in time the ideas have also seen drastic changes. However, the fact remains the same – one has to have a certain special quality or has to be the proud owner of beautiful looks.

How many times have we actually looked for a person who is devoid of all such characteristics, but the mere presence of whom can warm our heart, bring a smile to our face and can create an aura of optimism? It is true that in today’s world, full of lies and deceits, someone with a heart of gold is hard to find. People strive hard to meet their daily requirements, in this fast and competitive world. In the process, all the innocence and purity of mind and soul take a backseat. Notwithstanding, there are still people who value the concepts of trust, innocence, purity and clear conscience. They might not be great charmers or people of fine intellect, but the ones whom you can trust and have faith. They respect their elders and love the younger ones and can go to any length to keep their near and dear ones happy. I have been lucky to actually come across such people. It was surprised by the fact that they never nurtured negative emotions like jealousy or grudge, which is extremely hard to find. As they were free from such negative thoughts, they never resented any actions or comments. In your moments of agony and anguish, they were the ones to fill the heart with ecstasy and joy. You can say that we have our friends who are always there in times of our need. But the people I am talking about can bring a smile even in the face of the strangers. They do not differentiate between friends and strangers. It is a bliss to merely sit with them, without even uttering a single word.

This kind of people are very rarely found. But do we actually look for such people? We always seek for a person who is presentable, possess certain characteristic talent or is rich, as a potential match. It is like an incentive when along with the aforementioned features, we get someone who is endowed with the beauty of heart and mind. Will it ever happen the other way round is my concern. Will the purity of heart, sympathetic soul and a crystal clear conscience ever find its due praise and reward?

~ by Haimanti on July 16, 2009.

7 Responses to “The Idea of Beauty”

  1. nice post

  2. Purity of heart, sympathetic soul and a crystal clear conscience are undoubtedly praiseworthy. But we should keep in mind that these virtues are not written on any body’s forehead. To find out whether a person possesses beauty of mind and soul, we need to interact with them. On the other hand, to judge physical beauty, you need not interact with the person. In older days, boy’s parents used to go and see whether the girl is beautiful or not, she can cook good food or not and whether she can sing, dance, embroider well or not before fixing the marriage. But now times are changing, even in arranged marriages, both sides encourage that the boy and girl should interact before getting married. On one way it can be said that the purpose of these interactions are to check their compatibility and whether they are well-natured or not.

  3. See I know interaction is necessary. However, I feel even in this interactions priority is given to outer appearance, talent and money( not strictly in that order). After all these things are fulfilled, then only comes the question of heart. Even we are the same. Do people actually fall for people just because they have a heart of gold, without thinking about the other characteristics, was my question. It may happen, but very rarely.

  4. Unabashed self pimping 😀

  5. A person with a crystal clear heart isnt so difficult to spot..its all there on their faces..!inner beauty is what matters in the end..nice write up:-) keep it coming

  6. hahahahahhaha…found you here….hahahahhahahha..oh i so dearly agree with you..see my case so much support your thoughts..hai na, hai na, hai na, hai na……!!!! hahahahahhahaha ……. 😀 😀

    Good to see you here…waiting to see more of your “Profound” ramblings…. 😀 :d

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