Human Emotions and Actions – Confusing

Yes there has been days when I get really confused by the manner in which a person acts or reacts. A couple of days ago I came to the conclusion that even a simple game of Dumb C can evoke so many emotions.

A beginner of the game is utterly confused of how to enact what is given to her! She is also concerned about what others will say about her or her inability to enact her topic properly. This was making things difficult.  Adding to it was the presence of some over-confident people. They were able to properly enact their scenes. It was all right till then. And then they started to make fun of the new person playing.

It may be a playful friendly act, but the effect of it may be somewhat different. Maybe the new player will loose all confidence in him/herself, become all the more embarrassed. When we were kids our parents always taught us not to make fun of anyone’s inability or disability. People like me, sensitive and emotional, do take those words seriously and never resort to mockery or fun to belittle others. At times, mockery and fun with friends, within limits, is good. It actually deepens the friendship. But there are situations when such fun may hurt someone’s ego and confidence.

For me, everyone is good at something or the other. Then there are some people who can emote well and can speak well while expressing themselves. on the other hand, there are people who tend to keep a lot of things within themselves. So, rather than being  judgmental we can, during certain times, put ourselves in the other person’s shoes. It will let us spread our horizon of understanding on a plethora of human emotions, actions and passions. People who are hyperactive, not shy in front of other people and quite good in certain things, often tend to boost their ego by making fun of people who does not possess those qualities. Life is not all about ego. People should remember that. At the end, everyone has to die. It’s your work that will be remembered and not your action. So it is always better to get out of the campus life, understand the various facets of a person, help them overcome their shortcomings and carry on with your good work. Not only will it boost your confidence, it will also induce a sense of well being. You will also be able to face your conscience and say that you have never hurt anyone intentionally and have tried not to unintentionally as well.


~ by Haimanti on May 11, 2009.

2 Responses to “Human Emotions and Actions – Confusing”

  1. I personally agree with you when it comes to human emotions. What I feel is, it should be everyone’s responsibility to make sure that u never hurt anyone just by making fun of them or crossing ur limits when u say something. One thing we should always remember that “every human being is superior than u in one way or the other”. This may seem a confusing statement to many but my practical experience says that it is a truth. Someone may not be very gud in his/her communication skills but he/she may be very gud in some other skill which we never thought of.

    So instead of making fun of someone just becoz he doesn’t know something or he is taking more time to grasp it one should go ahead and say “Hey its easy, try once more.” Just try to make people around u more comfortable. Living with joy, having respect for others and being simple n down to earth will definitely help us in creating a healthy and friendly atmosphere.

  2. good logic going on ‘dumb c’

    buri to thuthure buri

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